Dear Official

We are two guys, one from Sweden, the other from New Zealand who have been working on and making a foundation to a band/ music project.

We are established in the Stockholm/Uppsala region.

We have written material, recorded demos and made plans for how to reach out.

We are looking for a drummer, bass and synth player.

We have spent our time together creating our own unique sound. It would be hard to put our music under one particular genre.

Our sound is a mix of Classic rock, alternative, punk, new wave, synth, glam, goth, grunge, avant-garde, 70s/ 80s glam rock and industrial. With that said it still has a bit of upbeat pop feel to it.

Interested? Please send us a good quality recording/ demo of you playing and a picture.
The recording/ demo can be any style/ genre you want, we just want to hear or see you perform something.

In return if we think you could be the right one for us we will give you a link to our music and pictures of us can be arranged.


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Dear Official